The Bridge To The Future

Aries & The Astrological New Year Dreams have been telling me for a few weeks now that things were arising around my dad. And not just dreams – many old behaviors surfaced, with astrological alignments urging and supporting the process. It’s always hard to find language, but I am learning more and more that with […]


I don’t have a good way to begin this. In a way I feel ridiculous sitting down to type as if something cohesive is going to accumulate in the ensuing minutes, hours, or even weeks.  I guess I will begin with the Leo full moon, exact on my north node at 7 Leo, which was […]


The Deep Dark Place I went in 2012 Was: XV: The Devil “In the numerological order,  The Devil corresponds to The Pope, Arcanum V… he also represents a bridge, a transition.  But while The Pope represents a path towards the spiritual heights, The Devil showing the way to the depths of being.” The Gift I […]

Where have you been?

It’s been a real struggle to find a flow that leads me into writing here, now. The Capricorn Shitstorm was wonderfully cathartic, and I was planning, organizing, and manifesting like a MOFO, but it moved with a raging undertow. That tide moved out and we’ve slipped into Aquarian territory, where my natal moon sits at […]

Commencement (astro-recap)

After receiving several unmistakable messages re: putting my creative projects on ice this Winter, and having given my writing and photography an unthinkable five-week hiatus, I am re-chewing the initially baffling Marseille Tarot spread I drew last week, (Hanging Man inverted with the 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Swords) as I sense the […]


Solitude is intense after not getting enough of it. Pressure and a vacuum at the same time, during those drifting moments between activities and beyond that drift I am aware of my energy to do, my thirst to create and make, my submersive fear, my subversive appetites, my desire to sink down into stillness, my […]